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Whether you require a beautiful seascape, macro of a rare species, or a majestic mammal, Serafino can photograph them all to create a backdrop and attention catching image for your media. In this digital age, most magazines and newsletters have gone virtual. His diving expertise and photographic creativity will give you the shot that your spread needs. Service generally includes a series of high resolution images on the subject matter of choice. 



If you need images for new gear or simply a refresh of photos for current inventory, Serafino knows how to make your product stand out. His engineering background combined with attention to detail and technical diving expertise will ensure your product is being shown in the proper environment to appeal to the right market. 

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In this competitive digital age, divers and water enthusiasts are attracted to photos that are compatible with social media or to share with friends. Serafino can help personalize what makes your business special where plain stock photos don’t cut it. Whether it is your world class instruction, breath-taking dive locations, or niche in the market, his photos and video can showcase what you need to communicate with potential customers. 

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Every organism has something which makes it unique and worthy to be shared with the world. Serafino has the ability to capture the beauty of the species that you work towards preserving and conserving. Whether your work involves turtles, sharks, whales, coral, or shrimp, Serafino knows what it takes to let your vision shine for these wonderful creatures. The service will be customized to your organizational needs.

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